US Sets PFAs Limits

On 10 April, the Federal Government, for the first time, set limits on PFAS for drinking water:
– 4 parts per trillion for PFAS and PFOS
– 10 parts per trillion for PFHxS, PFNA and HFPO-DA

These limits apply to public drinking water systems, and will be phased in, with monitoring capabilities to be put in place by 2027, and compliance being required by 2029.

Key points to note:
– Private water sources, such as private wells, are not required to meet these standards
– While these limits are stricter than the State of Michigan’s existing guidelines, the GLQO expects it will be some time before the State comments and/or changes their guidelines

On a related note, the GLQO has submitted a request for expanded PFAS sampling in Gull Lake itself (non-potable water); we expect to learn in June whether or not we are selected for this program.

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