Memberships for 2024 are now open and joining is easy!

Membership in the Gull Lake Quality Organization starts for as low as $40 per year and is open to everyone – individuals, families, businesses and organizations interested in Gull Lake and the surrounding watershed. A gift membership is a great way to introduce someone who is new to the area (or not!) to the important work GLQO does to preserve and monitor water quality throughout the Gull Lake Watershed.

There are two ways to join GLQO:

  1. Print, fill in and mail the membership form with your payment to:
    PO Box 144
    Richland, MI 49083
    Be sure to indicate on the form who the members will be, not just who filled out the form!


  2. Join online, via PayPal, Venmo, or Credit Card using the appropriate link below.

Join the GLQO

We Thank Our 2024 Members! 
Updated 06 June 2024; We endeavor to keep our membership lists up to date.. please contact us if you see an error or omission (

Mac and Susan Behnke
Sherwood and Sharon Boudeman
Jon and Susan Bowers
Roger C. Buddig
Janet and John Carrig
Alison and Rob Credit
Sally and Randy Crocket
Jerry and Sharon Cross
Jim and Barb DeKruyter
Bill and Betsi English
Mike and Kathy Gallagher
John and Sharon Garside
Steve and Elaine Ginsberg
Bonnie Gordon
Jim and Marsha Heath
Fred and Megan James
Si and Shirley Johnson
Todd Kingma and Betsy Kingma
Betsy & Brandon Klerk
Chris and Laura Maloney
Ed and Nancy McCarty
Nick and Julia Miladore
Kate Miller
Kay Gross and Gary Mittelbach
Robert and Kay O'Boyle
Barbara J. Parish
Donald and Sue Paulson
Eric and Martha Reid
Rollin and Crystal Richman
Paul and Karen Ringemann
Wendy and Doug Robbins
Tom and Judy Schau
Mike and Julia Sharp
William D. Johnston and Ronda E. Stryker
Mary L. Tyler Family
Bill and Ruth Ann Uggen
Sally Williams

Athletic Mentors
Boudeman Farmers, LLC/Sherwood M. Boudeman
Callander Commercial
Changes Hair & Nail Salon Greer & Co Hair Salon
Gull Lake Country Club
Gull Lake Landscape Company
Gull Lake Ministries
Gull Lake Sewer & Water Authority
Hawks Hollow Builders
Howland Floor Covering
Keller Williams Real Estate
Kellogg Biological Station
Kellogg Community Credit Union
Koopers Marine LLC
Mac's Garage
Michigan Lawn Services
NEDS - North End Deli
Premier Building & Remodeling
Richland Meat Center
Team Clancy - Berkshire Hathaway
United Country Real Estate

Donald and Rebecca Adamski
Scott and Holly Allen
Lou Ann Ambro
Susan B. Anthony
Bud and Judi Baldwin
Rod Borton and Deb Ball
Patti Colasanti and Jack Bargo
Jennifer and Rebecca Barlow
Anthony and Valerie Bartalone
Barbara and Bill Barton, Jr.
David Battjes
Rick and Kathy Beauregard
Tom and Lynn Belco
Margie and Bob Berres
Terry Berryman
Kevin and Mary Beyer
Jim and Lesley Bodary
Randy and Janet Bonzheim
Dick and Debbie Boris
Kappy Boudeman
David and Heidi Boutell
Robert and Dolores Boyle
Bob and Brenda Brenner
Joe and Jane Brogger
Nancy L. Brookins
Cleve and Sue Brown
Judith and John Brown
Michael and Sara Brundage
Laurie Hanson and Tracy Buck
Jack and Miki Budnick
Keith and Carole Buell
Robert and Belinda Bullard
Rob and Amy Bulszewicz
Richard and Joanne Chamberlin
Gar and Robin Chapel
John and Lynne Chipman
David and Kathryn Christ
Gary J. Cirulli
Bonnie Cleasby
Bruce and Donna Cohen
Linda Cohen
Robert and Paula Cook
David Creguer
Dwight (Randy) Curtenius
Diann and Jim Danhoff
Philip and Terri Dawson
David and Margaret DeLano
Todd and Ruth DeNooyer
Maxine DeVrou
Brent and Julie Dingman
Laurel and Mark Disney
Noel Dolan
Larry and Diane Dopp
Susan and John Doster
Dob and Jeree Drake
Lisa Duffy
Dr. David G. Dvorak
Ron and Nanette Elenbaas
James and Patricia Elsener
George and Lenore Elsener
Theodore and Helen Jo Emerson
John and Jan Etzcorn
Jim and Dottie Farwell
Jane and Gerry Feldman
Ed and Nancy Fitzgerald
Ron and Judy Flachs
Jack and Patti Fleming
Lloyd and Serena Fox
Dan and Mary Beth Gallagher
Joni and Roger Ganger
James and Judith Geary
Karen A. Geib
Tom and Claire Geil
Alfred and Jean Gemrich
Judah Gesmundo
Mike Marcinek and Vicki Gesmundo
Sera Gesmundo
Jack S. Gesmundo
Jim and Barbara Gilbert
Francis Grubelich and Heidi Gjersoe
Don and Janet Gladstone
Jim Glas
James and Deborah Gorka
Gary Granger
Lori and Bjorn Green
David Gruss
Frank and Diane Guarisco
Gull Hills Tract Spring Channel
Bill and Julie Guzy
Emily Shaw Haite
David and Michelle Halley
Peter and Margaret Hamlett
Melissa Hartridge
Jo and Pete Hawk
Henry Hawk
Rick and Shirley Hebert
Pat Heilenbach
Mal and Pat Hickok
George and Arla Hillebrand
Rick and Linda Hoffman
Dennis and Kathy Hoorn
Bruce Hutchinson
Robert and Amy Isom
Mrs. Judy Jereck
Steve and Peggy Johnson
Susanne Johnston
Mark and Toni Jones
John and Kathy Keagle
Ellen and Michael Keenan
Richard and Joan Keilen
Steve and Michelena Keith
Lauren and Brad Keller
John E. Kelly
Dave and Karen Kempe
Ronald Kilgore
Sue Markus and Rick King
Fred and Pat Kinney
Melinda Klerk
Rolf and Judith Kletzien
Joni and Tim Knapper
Wes and Susie Kolb
Dave and Kay Koldyke
Garry and Claire Krouse
Jane E. Kuckel
Jim and Linda Lass
Scott Latt
Phyllis LaVene
Patricia L. Lawrence
Wendy and Allan Levy
Chris and Jackie Light
John and Rita Light
Eric and Charlene Longman
Trudy and Jerry Luedecking
Joe and Madison Lukeman
Rob and Beth Lundahl
Laura Maloney
Raymond and Carolyn Maly
Thomas Mansager
Linda Lou Markham
Josh Mastenbrook
Christine McCarthy
Valli and Tom McDougle
Russ and Connie McFee
JB and Alba McKay
Robert Millard
Kevin and Elizabeth Miller
Shelly Halder and Ron Mochizuki
William and Phoebe Moreo
Christine Mueller
Mike and Mari Mulholland
Craig and Deb Mumy
Patrick H. Murphy
Susan and Michael Murphy
Kathy Murray
Stephen and Christine Murray
Kris and Laura Nelson
B & B Nitchman
Jim and Kristin Nolin
Martha Nolin
James D. and Nancy L. Nordlie
Kim and Valerie Nuyen
Sean and Nicol O'Brien
Jeff and Amy O'Brien
Char and Tom O'Neill
Jerold and Maxine Orum
Carla and Jerry Orwin
Craig and Sue Osborn
Edward Overbeck
Don and Ann Parfet
Bill and Barbara Parfet
Michael and Frances Peikert
Henry and Courtney Pender
Dustin & Maegan Perrin
Karol Peterson
Sue Harrison and Jeff Price
John Quertmus
Alison Pruitt and David Randell
Martin and Carol Ranly
Ann E. Ransford
Jim Rawsky
Bob and Margo Rebar
Carol Renz
Dave and Shelly Reynolds
Mary Jo and Robert Rial
Brian Rice
Justin and Carolyn Ridderman
Camille M. Riley
Jon Rosenbaum
Rob and Lori Rowe
Bill and Jane Ryan
Bob and Judy Sackett
Howard E. Sanger
Hal and Taffy Sanger III
Bonnie and Scott Sawusch
Steve and Gina Schau
Jan Stoner and Rick Schmiege
Gregory and Charlene Schofield
Ken and Pat Schultz
Bill and Margie Schultz
Dick Schwikert
Jim and Deborah Scott
Tom and Lisa Shannon
Julie Shaw
T.R. and Kathy Shaw
Rick and Johanna (Marjo) Shields
Linda Shierlaw
Bobbi Drobny and Craig Shumaker
Bruce and Kathy Shurtz
Bob and Marilyn Simon
Marilynn Simon
Michele and Greg Smith
Dr. Gregory and Michele Smith
Peter S. and Diane M. Czuk Smith
Joyce Snow
Peggy Staver
Charles and Jan Stoddard
Harry and Tineke Stolt
Samuel and Tommy Sue Stone
Bill and Stevie Symons
Peter Taft
Carol Tedrow
Gary and Karen Theisen
Ron and Edna Thompson
Alison Thor
David and Carol Ticknor
Bill & Carolyn Ticknor
Todd Family LLC
Michelle Tombro Tracy and Chris Tracy
Isobel and Matt Tracy
Steve W. Allen and Andrea M. Trautman
Jerry and Margaret Trepanier
Gail M. Turlock
Jeanne Turner
Robert and Claudia Vaccaro
Tom and Olga Van Dis
Amy Upjohn and Brad Vandenberg
James and Kathleen Vander Kolk
Tom Vander Molen
Doug and Sandra VanderLugt
Jon G. and Courtenay VanderMolen
John and Cathy VanderSalm
Edwin Vandersalm
Jim Collier and Stuart Verseman
Bonnie L. Visser
Carol Vogt
Jay and Stephanie Walbridge
Dana A. Walters
TImothy and Molly Wang
Donna and Dan Weaver
Karen and Mark Weishaar
Lee Weiss
Jill and Jay Wesley
Bob and Lori Wheelright
Brian and Leisa White
Andrew and Kathleen Widner
David and Cindy Wiedemer
Brook and Emily Wilke
Bruce and Jean Williams
Tim & Tonia Williams
David Wilson
Jerry and Kathleen Wojtala
Jennifer Wright
Doug and Jackie Wunderly
Ron and Sonya Young
Katie and Jesse Zamora
Scott and Holly Zylstra