Our History
The Gull Lake Quality Organization was founded in 1977 in response to concerns about declining water quality in Gull Lake raised by The Ladies of the Lake. Research done by scientists at MSU’s Kellogg Biological Station identified nutrients leaching from septic tanks as a major cause of this decline. To address this, the GLQO worked with the four surrounding townships and other groups to install a sewer system around Gull Lake. Following installation of the sewer system (in 1984), the lake waters returned to their ‘clear and clean’ status.

Who We Are
The GLQO is an all-volunteer, member-supported, non-profit organization committed to preserving high water quality in the Gull Lake and the surrounding watershed. We are committed to informing our community about the importance of clean water, preventing the spread of invasive species, and promoting the responsible stewardship of our shorelines and water. We participate in statewide water quality monitoring programs, monitor for and selectively treat to control aquatic invasive plants, and share information about how to protect and preserve the waters of inland lakes with our membership and the public. Membership in the GLQO is open to everyone who wants to preserve and protect the clean waters of Gull Lake and its watershed.

What We Do
The mission of the GLQO is to Monitor and protect water quality in Gull Lake and the surrounding watershed.

To fulfill our mission, we collaborate with the Michigan DNR, Kalamazoo County Marine Patrol, townships surrounding the lake, MSU’s Kellogg Biological Station, and other like-minded organizations to assure that Gull Lake is a clean, safe and fun place to enjoy year-round.

Specifically, we:

  • Monitor water quality in Gull Lake and Little Long Lake as part of Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program
  • Survey Gull Lake for the presence of invasive species and arrange for their treatment and control
  • Maintain the boat wash at Prairieville Township Park on Gull Lake
  • Provide information about water quality and safety issues in inland lakes through quarterly newsletters, our website and Facebook.

Join Us!
All meetings of the GLQO are open to the public; we especially encourage members to attend our Annual Meeting (June) and Fall Fling (September). Check out our meeting/event schedule here.

Minutes of recent meetings of the GLQO can be found on this page.

Questions? Contact us at info@glqo.net for more information.

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On February 7, 1951, Mrs. Ben Johnson, Mrs. Ernal Hill and Mrs. LaVern Butler invited a group of friends and neighbors to a luncheon in Mrs. Butler’s home. This was the beginning of Ladies of the Lake. Initially, the purpose was to help with various small projects for the Yorkville Community Church. Today, a main focus is an annual scholarship offered to a Gull Lake High School senior who will be studying nursing or some general field of medical science.