Executive Committee
Kay Gross (23-1), President
Sera Gesmundo (25-2), Vice-President
Gary Mittelbach (23-2), Secretary
Don Paulson (25-2), Treasurer

Tom Belco (25-1)
Randy Curtenius (25-1)
Peter Hawk (25-1)
Rick Hebert (23-1)
Steve Keith (25-2)
Joe Lukeman (23-2)
Dustin Perrin (25-2)
Margo Rebar (25-2)
Doug Smith (22-1)
Jay Wesly (25-1)
Andy Widner (25-1)
Brook Wilke (23-2)

GLQO by-laws allow volunteers to serve as directors for two consecutive three-year terms. After each Director’s name are two numbers: the year their current term expires, and the number of the current term.

We welcome you to volunteer for committee work (of your choice) and to participate in our board meetings.