Update: Ross Township Anti-Noise Ordinance

Some folks have recently been asking about any rules/laws/ordinances around excessive noise on our lakes. Ross Township Supervisor Christina Hutchings recently shared with the GLQO the updated Ross Township Anti-Noise Ordinance, which was updated and put into effect last month. Of particular note:

  1. With respect to on-the-water activities Section II(B) mentions (note: these are paraphrased – see the Ordinance itself for the complete list and exact wording):
    • In general: “…unreasonable or unnecessarily loud noise or disturbance, injurious ot the health, peace or quiet of hte residents and property owners of the Township.
    • Playing of stereos/radios or musicial instruments plainly audible at distances of 50′ or more (including extreme bass)
    • Continuous or repeated yelling, shouting, loud whistling, or loud singing, being plainly audible to persons within any dwelling
    • The operation of any boat so out of repair or so loaded or constructed as to cause loud and unnecessary grating, grinding, rattling, or other unreasonable noise including the noise resulting from exhaust, which is plainly audible from nearby properties
    • The sounding of any horn or other device on any boat unless necessary to operate said vehicle or boat safely or as required by law
    • Boat motors/engines with no muffler (or similar device)
  2. The Ordinance updates for 2024 allow for the following activities in the Commercial Bay District via a special permit:  parades, concerts, musical activities, cultural events, festivals, fairs or similar activities (see Section III on page 4).