Exciting News for Prairieville Township Park Boaters!

Starting this weekend, May 18th, the boat wash station at Prairieville Township Park will be fully staffed to assist you in cleaning your boats before and after enjoying our beautiful Gull Lake. Why is this important? This effort, managed by the Gull Lake Quality Organization, is crucial in protecting our lake from invasive weeds and keeping the water clean. By ensuring boats are properly cleaned, we prevent the spread of harmful species that can damage our lake’s ecosystem. Join us in this vital initiative to preserve the natural beauty and health of Gull Lake for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for your cooperation and support!


Since 2017, the Gull Lake Quality Organization has operated a boat wash at the Prairieville Township Park to limit the spread of aquatic invasive species into and out of Gull Lake. Construction of the boat wash was a collaboration between the GLQO and Prairieville Township Parks and Recreation Committee. The Township has passed an ordinance requiring all watercraft entering the lake be free of live vegetation and to wash watercraft to remove plants when exiting.

The boat wash at Prairieville Township Park on Gull Lake just after completion.

The GLQO maintains the boat wash, trains and hires summer help to assist boaters with cleaning and provides information on the need to control invasive species in lakes.

Over 3,500 boats are launched from Prairieville Township Park into Gull Lake each year. Data collected by the GLQO over the past seven years at the boat wash revealed that boats coming into Gull Lake from this site have been used on over 125 lakes.

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are a major threat to inland lakes because they interfere with boating, fishing, swimming and other activities on the lake and their control in the Great Lake region can cost more than $200 million per year. Research has shown that up to 98% of AIS can be cleaned off boats and trailers by proper boat washing, including emptying the bilge.

More information about AIS in Gull Lake and the GLQO efforts to monitor and control them can be found over at https://glqo.net/portfolio-item/invasive-species/.