The following are a few thoughts to think about when considering the cost and benefits of a boat wash station on Gull Lake.

Higgins Lake First WashAccording to the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership website, the “University of Notre Dame’s Center for Aquatic Conservation recently estimated that the loss of ecosystem services directly attributed to aquatic invasive species is costing the Great Lakes region more than $200 million per year.”

Today, there are 12 AIS out there that have not yet invaded any lakes in Michigan.

Every lake around Gull Lake with a public launch has at least one AIS and spends tens of thousands of dollars each year to manage those AIS.

According to Prairieville Township Parks Department, over 3,500 boats are launched in Gull Lake, annually.

Up to 98% of AIS can be cleaned off boats and trailers by proper boat washing.InspectEverythingBoat

GLQO research of Michigan boat wash stations indicate that they range of cost from $12,000 (mobile stations) to $70,000 (permanent stations).

Organizations that oversee launch sites (in Michigan) currently offering boat washes highly recommend that the boat wash be staffed. The annual staffing cost ranges between $16,000 to $25,000.