Membership in the GLQO is open to EVERYONE!

Membership in the GLQO is open to everyone who cares about preserving and protecting the waters of Gull Lake and its surrounding watershed.  Whether you are a year-round or summer resident, regular or occasional visitor or just want to support the work we do you can (and should) join the GLQO.

What is the GLQO?

The GLQO is a all-volunteer organization, supported entirely by memberships, that is dedicated to maintaining the quality of the waters of the Gull Lake watershed. We are committed to informing our community about the importance of clean water, preventing the spread of invasive species, and promoting the responsible stewardship of our shorelines and water. We participate in statewide water quality monitoring programs, monitor for and selectively treat to control aquatic invasive plants, and share information about how to protect and preserve the waters of inland lakes with our membership and the public.

Why join the GLQO?

By joining the GLQO you show your support for our work to keep the waters of Gull Lake clean!  You will be joining a community of like-minded people (see below) who are interested in preserving the clean waters of Gull Lake today and for future generations.  It’s tough to enjoy a lake that is choked with invasive plants or green with algae. Fishing, boating, swimming and viewing are all enhanced when the water is clean and clear.

How do I join GLQO?

It’s easy!  Click on this LINK, and you will be connected to a page that has a membership form and information on how to join. You can join GLQO as an individual, family, business, or organization. Annual memberships start at $40/year; if you join by 1 March you can elect to receive an annual subscription to The Michigan Riparian Magazine for a discounted rate ($14/year).  Lifetime membership ($1500) includes a subscription to The Michigan Riparian.

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