Boating is a lake activity enjoyed by residents and visitors to Gull Lake and Little Long Lake. The GLQO Boating Safety Committee works with the Marine Patrol Division of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff Department and Ross Township to assure that boaters, swimmers and others can safely enjoy a broad range of recreational activities on Gull Lake.

Some simple rules and reminders for boating safety are:

  • Boats should be driven in a counter-clockwise direction on the lake
  • Floating rafts, tubes etc. should not extend beyond 100 ft from shorelines,
  • A no wake-zone is required within 100 ft from shore, moored or anchored watercraft, dock, raft, or marked swimming area

Additional information for safe boating on inland lakes is available from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The most recent version of the Boating Handbook that describes the rules and regulations regarding boating safety on inland lakes is available here. Boaters are responsible for knowing these rules. The Michigan Lakes and Streams Association also has useful information summarizing these rules and a downloadable brochure that you can access here. The Michigan DNR also provides a free online boating safety education certificate program.