Michigan DNR Regulations Regarding Buoys

Act 451 of 1994

324.80159 Buoys or beacons; permit for placement; application; revocation; removal.

   A person shall not place a beacon or buoy, other than a mooring buoy, in the waters of this state except as authorized by a permit issued by the department pursuant to part 13. The department may issue a permit for the placing of buoys or beacons in the waters of this state to mark obstruction to navigation, to designate bathing areas, to designate vessel anchorages, or for any other purpose if it will promote safety or navigation. An application for a permit shall contain information required by the department. If buoys or beacons are placed in the waters of this state without a permit having been issued, the department may order their removal. If, in the judgment of the department, buoys or beacons authorized by the department are found to be improperly placed, the reason for their placement no longer exists, or the buoys or beacons do not conform to the uniform system of marking established by state regulation, the department may revoke the permit authorizing their placement and may order their removal. Revocation of permits and orders of removal shall be by written notice to the person placing the buoys or beacons or to the person to whom the permit was issued at his or her last known address, directing the removal within a specified time. The person to whom the notice is directed shall remove the buoys or beacons in accordance with the instructions. If the person fails to remove the buoys or beacons within the specified time, the department may cause their removal, and the cost and expense of the removal shall be charged against the person authorized to place the buoys or beacons or, where authorization has not been granted, the person placing such buoys or beacons and shall be recoverable through any court of competent jurisdiction.

324.80163 Anchored raft or other item or material; relocation or removal as navigation hazard; costs; failure to pay; lien.

  (1) If an anchored raft or other item or material, whether floating free or attached to the bottomland or a shoreline, presents a hazard to navigation, the department or a peace officer with jurisdiction over the body of water where the anchored raft or other item or material is located may relocate or remove it or may order its relocation or removal.

  (2) The person who owns or who caused a navigational hazard that is relocated or removed under subsection (1) is liable to pay the actual and reasonable costs of relocation or removal. The department or the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the body of water where the navigational hazard was located may send written notice of the relocation or removal under subsection (1) and the associated costs to the person determined to own or to have caused the navigational hazard. If the owner or person who caused the navigational hazard fails to pay the costs within 30 days of the date the written notice is mailed, the costs may become a lien against the person’s property.