2024 Summer Issue:
Upcoming Lunch and Learn
Score the Shore Has Begun!
Gull Lake Fishing – Is It Good?
This Year’s GLQO Annual Meeting
Boating Safely. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . read more

2024 Winter/Spring Issue:
Membership and Outreach
Want to Know More About Gardening with Native Plants?
GLQO Financial Summary
What’s Happening to the Ice?
Scorethe Shore in 2024!
Michigan Lakes and Stream Association Annual Conference . . . read more

2023 Fall Issue:
It’s That Time Again 
The Annual Meeting Was Informative and Fun!
PFAS is a Concern for Gull Lake Residents
Another Great Year at the Boat Wash!
Gull Lake Quality Organization’s Fall Fling 2023: A Resounding Success! . . . read more

2023 Spring/Summer Issue:
Join Us at the GLQO Annual Meeting!
When Good Lakes Go Bad
Wake-surf Boats – Best Practices for Habitat Protection, Safety and Courtesy
Boat Wash News
Historian’s Corner
Michigan DNR says fish kills may be common during spring/early summer . . . read more

2023 Winter Issue:
New State Guidelines Recommend Limiting Consumption of Smelt from Gull Lake
Remembering the Four-Township Water
Resource Council
A History of Ice Cover on Gull Lake
GLQO Income and Expenses for 2022
How did the GLQO Come to be? . . . read more

2022 Fall Issue:
Fall Fling 2022
Don’t Dump Your Leaves!
Safe Boating on Gull Lake
Gull Lake Fisheries
2023 Memberships . . . read more

2022 Summer Issue:
Fall Fling Fundraiser 2022!
The Many Benefits of Natural Shorelines
Summer 2022 News from the Gull Lake Boatwash
Update on the Control of Invasive Aquatic Plants in Gull Lake
Buoy Control on Gull Lake
Summer Mixology Fun
Presenting The Wild Watershed of Gull Lake! . . . read more

2022 Winter/Spring Issue:
University of Minnesota Study on Wakesurf Boats Published
The Boat Wash – A Collaborative Effort to Control the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species in Gull Lake
The Curious Case of the Disappearing Zebra Mussels
Michigan DNR Says Fish Kills May Be Common During Spring Thaw
Seasonal help needed for Boat Wash at Prairieville Township Park . . . read more

2021 Fall Issue:
GLQO Fall Fling Fundraiser a Success!
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Status of Invasive Plant Species in Gull Lake
Fishing Tournament Information
Allendale Park: A Salute to the Resort Era
Gull Lake Boater Safety Report for Summer 2021 . . . read more

2021 Summer Issue:
GLQO Helps Fund Research on the Impact of Wake Boats
The Gull Lake Boat Wash – In Its Fifth Summer of Operation
Gull Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Update
Don’t Miss the GLQO’s 2021 Fall Fling!
President’s Message
The Return of the GLQO Photo Gallery! . . . read more

2021 Spring Issue:
What is the Gull Lake Watershed?
The New Dam at Gull Lake
Kanoe the Kazoo Excursion on Gull Lake
Ross Township Park Events 2021
Gull Lake Boatwash Update
Gull Lake Fisheries News
Appreciating the GLQO Members . . . read more

2021 Winter Issue:
GLQO/GLDA What’s the Difference?
Gull Lake Popular for Bass Tournaments
Slow/No Wake Zone
Gull Lake Dam Update
Start Planning Your Lake Scaping
Our World of Birds and Plants
Water Quality Update
Appreciating the GLQO Members . . . read more

2020 Fall Issue:
Please! Don’t dump your leaves in the lake!
Lake Foam, Langmuir Spirals
Mudpuppy Follow Up
Boater Safety and No Wake Zones
Gull Lake Dam Updates . . . read more

2020 Summer Issue:
An Odd Denizen of Gull Lake
Score the Shore Positive Changes
Preventing Shoreline Erosion
Gull Lake Dam Update
Ross Township Park Transformation . . . read more

2020 Spring Issue:
CLMP 2019 Reports
Trophic Status Index Explained
Boater Safety Updates
Inland Lakes High Water Levels
Gull Lake Dam Update
Ross Township Park Transformation
EGLE Announces Changes for CAFOs
Appreciating GLQO Members . . . read more

2020 Winter Issue:
Fisheries Update 2020
News about CLMP
Possible New Controls on CAFOs
Gull Lake Dam Update
The Cold Facts About Ice
  Appreciating GLQO Members . . . read more

Fall Issue:
Please! Don’t dump your leaves in the lake!
Gull Lake Dam Association Update
Boater Safety Marine Report
GLQO Membership Update
Appreciating GLQO Members . . . read more

Summer Issue:
Love Your Lake…Build the Dam
Water and Fish Testing for PFAS 
Starry Stonewort Update
Score the Shore…Little Long Lake
GLQO Updates
Appreciating GLQO Members . . . read more

Spring Issue:
Love your Lake…Build the Dam
Mussels, Mayflies and Other Bottom Dwellers
New Boating Laws
Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program Update
Appreciating the GLQO Members . . .
read more

Winter Issue:
New Launch Planned

Fisheries Update
Become a Purple Martin Landlord
GLQO Notes and Updates
Getting Your Purple Martin Colony Started
Appreciating the GLQO Members . . . read more

Fall Issue:
Gull Lake Aquatic Plant Study
Beware of Big Red Visitors
An Interview with Anglers
Little Long Lake Aquatic Plant Study
Appreciating the GLQO Members . . .
read more

Summer Issue:
Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program
Gull Lake Dam Is In Need of Repair
Appreciating the GLQO Members . . .
read more

Spring Issue:
Fish Aging 101
Do You Take It For Granted?
Don’t Feed the Ducks
Where are the Smelt?
GLQO Board Updates . . . 
read more

Winter Issue:
Lake Trout are Consuming Plastic Fish Baits
Invasive Weeds – – Past and Present
Life in the Slow Lane
GLQO Board Updates: . . . read more

Autumn Issue:
Boat Wash Report
Lake Sturgeon – Freshwater Giants
Legislative Issues Affecting Riparians
GLQO Board Updates: . . . read more

Spring Issue:
Rain Gardens Protect Lakes
The Boat Wash is Here
Annual Meeting Information
Safe Boating Practice
What is Lake Turnover?
Appreciating GLQO Members: . . . read more 

Winter Issue:
Shoreline Management is Key
Learn about the Ripple Program
Natural Shorelines
Why is Gull Lake Blue?
How Does Gull Lake Score?
Fisheries Update: . . . read more

Fall Issue:
Boat Wash Update
Score the Shore
2016 Marine Patrol Report
GLQO Board Updates

Northern Pike, Not a “Fresh Water Devil Fish”: . . . read more

Winter Issue:

Summer Issue:
Why The Smelt Die-Off?
Swimmer’s Itch and How to Avoid It
Score the Shore
Summer Party
Boater Safety . . . read more

Spring Issue:
Fisheries Update
Cometh the Quagga?
Anglers Survey
Boat Wash Update . . . read more

Winter Issue:
Fish Tails: “Shy” and “Bold” Bluegill and Bass
Score the Shore
Why a Boat Wash
Lake Levels Drop by 8 Feet . . . 
read more

Fall Issue:
Aquatic Vegetation Survey Results
Please! Don’t dump your leaves into the lakes.
Mobile Boat Wash and Boater Survey
GLQO Board Notes and Updates
Big Price Being Paid By Neighboring Lakes . . . read more

Summer Issue:
Starry Stonewort: An Overview of the Invasive “Connoisseur of Clean Waters”
Collaboration with Area Lake Associations
Mobile Boat Wash Comes to Gull Lake
The Subtle Truth of Dying (Zebra Mussel Style)
GLQO Board Notes and Updates . . . read more

Spring Issue:
Phosphorus Inputs Declining
GLQO Teams Up with Michigan Cooperative Lakes Program
Starry Stonewort: An In-depth Look at One of Michigan’s Most Invasive Species
Prairieville Creek Conservation
GLQO Board Notes and Updates . . . read more

Winter Issue:
Mass Die-Off of Zebra Mussels
GQLO 2015 Priorities
GLQO Board Notes and Updates
Appreciating our Natural Resources . . . read more